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"Let your dogs feel as if they are in the family's hands!"

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My name is Miguel. I'm from Venezuela and I am 26 years old. I have been living in Budapest since November 2023 doing an internship. I love dogs, I have had dogs since I was a child, and for that reason, I love the companion of pets. Petsitting is an activity that I love because it reminds me of my dogs in my country.

For that reason, your dogs will be in my family's hands, they will be treated as part of my family for the time you request.  If you want to know more about me, we can have a video call, or I would love to visit you and meet your pets as well and discuss more about us. 

Skills, experiences

  • Oral administration of medication
  • Caring of pets with behavioral problem
  • PetWiseCare pet sitter course
  • Volunteered at a shelter

Prices and services

The prices are informative and include VAT

Szolgáltatás/termék Prices
Sétáltatás / óra 2500 Ft
24 órás felügyelet 4380 Ft
Napközi / óra 1250 Ft
Beugró látogatás /alkalom 3000 Ft


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Miguel took care of Leia who is really member of our family. Thanks very much for Miguel, we could not decide better. Miguel handled her as a family member as well. He managed everything very well and sent us many pictures, videos every day. The communication with him was super and fast during our travel. Leia started her period as well unfortunately 2 days before we come back and Miguel handled is perfectly. Thanks very much for Miguel. Ifwe will need sitting again we definitely will turn to him. I can highly recommend him!