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"Always be yourself, unless you can be a dog, then always be a dog!"

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    08005 Barcelona
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    Owner's home
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I am Veronika from Hungary, currently doing a post-graduate veterinary internship in Barcelona. I love taking care of animals, small or big, cat or dog, it does not matter to me.

I have more then 15 years of experience of taking care of pets and also 6 years of veterinary university studies behind me. I started working as a vet a year ago at a clinic which specialises in rabbit medicine. 

At home, I have a dog, whom I very much miss but also parrots and a cat. I love hiking and running, so if you have an active dog I would love to take it for a run at the beach!

Skills, experiences

  • Caring of ill pets
  • Caring of diabetic pets
  • Oral administration of medication
  • Injection administration of medication
  • Caring of pets with behavioral problem
  • PetWiseCare pet sitter course
  • Veterinary student
  • Veterinary assistant
  • Hungarian
  • English

Prices and services

The prices are informative and include VAT

Szolgáltatás/termék Prices
Sétáltatás 5000 Ft
24 órás felügyelet 25000 Ft
Napközi 5000 Ft
Betegápolás 12500 Ft
Beugró látogatás 5000 Ft


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